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BK Translation is a translation and interpreting agency located in Frankfurt Germany and Barcelona Spain into all languages

BK Translation is a translation and interpreting agency located in Frankfurt, Germany, and in Barcelona, Spain, which has been offering its clients an excellent translation and interpreting service according to ISO9001/08 standards since 1999.

Thanks to our permanent and sustainable quality control systems, we can cater to the most stringent quality demands of our clients. Our company provides translation and interpreting services in almost all language combinations, doing so with superior quality.

Congresses, meetings, events in Spain, especially in Barcelona and in Tarragona, Germany, Italy and worldwide:

We organise your event thanks to our all-inclusive carefree package in situ:

– Location, hotel, interpreters, conference technique, excursions, …

For two decades now, the pressure to meet deadlines has been part of routine practice in translation and interpreting. We are therefore highly used to making deliveries punctually, and we always observe delivery terms. Translating and interpreting under pressure is part of our daily practice. We are more than ready to meet any deadlines required by our clients.

Customer attention and service

One of the most noteworthy strong points of BK Translation is customer service.

A first-class and exclusive customer service begins, as far as we are concerned, from the very first contact, providing detailed assessment and advice on our services. Our objective consists of building up a sustainable client-supplier relationship and nurturing it over the years.

Client attention means, as far as BK Translation is concerned, pre-empting client needs and new technology trends in order to apply them and save costs. For this reason in-house market and client analysis are part of our company’s strategic instruments, which we update with ambition and effort.

Personnel management and professional skills

The BK Translation-Interpreters team provides specialised translations and interpreting in numerous fields and for the widest variety of business sectors.

Our skills are defined by our translators and interpreters, who are used to working and researching specific topics and branches to determine contexts and suitable terminology.

Best quality can only be guaranteed by means of specialisation in specific topics and areas. Due to the high demands derived from this, and which our clients rightly impose on us, it is of paramount importance that a translator or interpreter specialise in a few areas. The translators acquire new knowledge of this area and can thus render oral and written texts with confidence in the topic in question on a computer, in a booth or at a negotiation table.

BK Translation’s sense of responsibility is demonstrated by means of the search for translators and interpreters for our team, and we are fully aware of this responsibility.

Therefore, as a company we recruit our own personnel. We are very demanding with our translators and interpreters in order be stand out professionally.

Knowledge transfer

Verbal and non-verbal communication change daily, through the media and people, changes, and are enriched and confirmed. Philologists, translators, interpreters and all the experts that work with languages must take this almost organic structure of languages into account.

Knowledge transfer takes place in the field of translation and interpretation through a continuous dialogue between clients and the translator or interpreter, with a view to being able to recognise ideas and express them properly in language terms. In addition, translators avail themselves of the knowledge acquired through publications, such as parallel texts, which are to be found in the specialised literature and on the Internet. There is no doubt that the Internet is the most important tool for logical research, and allows us to draw conclusions befitting an expert and which are linguistically correct.

It only remains to be said that first class communication between the Client and BK Translation is the indispensable requirement and foundation for an excellent understanding, and to be able to obtain a good translation or interpreting job.

Ultimately, rendering one language into another should not be a question of personal interpretation, but rather the result of an understanding of the text in its context.


BK Translation is characterised by its teamwork, since we realise the advantages to be had from a team with experience. We manage to retain our collaborators and seek to establish a sustainable and beneficial relationship. Only sustainability will provide the client, in the long term, with added value through translations with linguistic and technical consistency and continuity. For this reason, BK Translation as an internal work group, deals particularly with the individual aspects of every company and delivers specialised knowledge linked to synergies with the client.

Confidentiality of client information and documentation

BK Translation and its collaborators undertake to treat all its clients’ information, such as contact person, the structure of the company and its internal documentation, with the utmost confidentiality.

Deadlines and punctuality

The client sets the delivery terms. Our work and responsibility lie in observing these terms.

BK Translation does its utmost to satisfy its clients’ desires.

We always see ourselves as advisors to our clients, and offer realistic delivery deadlines which are not at odds with first-class quality.

BK Translation is a group of major professionals who, thanks to their longstanding experience and collaboration, are in a position to deal with a great volume of work in the least possible time. However, in this regard, BK Translation® reserves a certain margin for negotiation in terms of organisation and preparation.

Time is money. However, an economic investment by our clients in our know-how can provide the latter, thanks to organisation calculated with precision, with a true benefit.

Typography and uniformity

BK Translation guarantees that the original typographic adjustments correspond to the translated text and that uniformity is maintained in the target language.

Language varieties according to the country

The different varieties of a language according to the country, such as the use of different linguistic forms and nuances in different areas of the same linguistic nation, deserve special mention.

Sworn translations

BK Translation usually works with electronic data.

Instruction manuals and other type of documents delivered on paper have to be assessed separately to be able to work with them.

In the case of sworn translations, the original must be submitted to be able to validate the translation.

Ask for information on our language combinations for sworn translations.

We translate from/ into the following languages

German  Belarusian  Bosnian  Bulgarian  Castilian  Catalan  Czech  Korean  Croatian  Chinese  Danish  Slovak Slovenian  Arabian  Estonian  Basque  Finnish  French  Hungarian  English  Italian  Icelandic  Japanese  Latvian Lithuanian  Macedonian  Dutch  Moldavian  Norwegian  Polish  Portuguese  Romanian  Russian  Swedish  Turkish Serbian  Ukrainian  Serbian-Croatian and others

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