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Medical pharmaceutical life sciences translation German Spanish French Portuguese Chinese Italian Healthcare in more than 40 languages by top performance

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Are you looking for medical translators? For 25 years, BK Translation has been supporting renowned clinics, doctors and medical associations as well as pharmaceutical companies with excellent medical translations in Germany, United Kingdom, USA, Spain, Italy, France with quality-assured, subject-specific translations in the fields of medicine (anesthetics, surgery or internal medicine), dentistry (for the entire dental field), pharmacy and medical technology taking into account the respective specialist terminology.
Medical pharmaceutical life sciences translation German Spanish French

Our long-time experienced and highly qualified specialist translators translate medical information, treatment diagnoses or even medical prescriptions and documents for patient treatment for patients, specialists, cosmetic surgeons and hospitals. For cosmetics and beauty companies, we translate leaflets, leaflets, marketing campaigns or product descriptions for the desired sales markets. Medical pharmaceutical life sciences translation German Spanish French

Medical translations for scientific publications. Medical pharmaceutical life sciences translation German Spanish French

For professors, doctors, universities and research institutes we translate scientific articles from the field of medical and pharmaceutical research. Translations for publications in foreign journals, symposia and lectures, or even clinical studies in more than 40 languages can be provided. Our interpreters for medical and medical congresses can be booked throughout Europe.

Qualified pharmaceutical translations. Medical pharmaceutical life sciences translation German Spanish French

As mentioned at the beginning, our translation agency in Frankfurt has specialized in pharmaceutical translations as well as medical translations. Here our qualified translators translate e.g. Product declarations and instructions for use of pharmaceuticals or texts in the field of pharmaceutical technology in more than 40 languages.

Ask also for our interpreters for pharmaceutical congresses and conferences in Germany, Barcelona, Valencia, Malaga, Sevilla, London, Milan, Venice. Medical pharmaceutical life sciences translation German Spanish French

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In the field of medical technology, we offer as well translations of sales brochures, instructions for use and use, test reports e.g. for medical devices, surgical aids, laboratory technology or even in the field of radiology.

But also with expert translators for healthcare translations, if e.g. Healthcare, nutrition and health in general or health and well-being management, we can help you to achieve business success in your chosen destination country.
Our translation agency offers medical translations in the following fields

● Patient information for patients and doctors
● Medical translation of treatment diagnoses
● Medical prescriptions
● Documentation about patient treatment
● News in the field of medicine
● Scientific articles
● Descriptions of medical devices, equipment, surgical aids
● medical translation of presentations of new products and procedures
● Reports about the introduction of new products
● Operating instructions for medical devices (such as medical examination and analysis devices) used by medical personnel or directly by patients, etc.

In this context, BK Translation can provide you with translations in the area of medicine, pharm and life sciences, e.g. from and into following languages:

  • Arabic ● Basque ● Bosnian ● Bulgarian ● Chinese ● Danish ● German ● English ● Estonian ● Finnish ● French ● Galician ● Italian ● Icelandic ● Japanese ● Catalan ● Korean ● Croatian ● Latvian ● Lithuanian ● Macedonian ● Moldovan ● Dutch ● Norwegian ● Polish ● Portuguese ● Romanian ● Russian ● Swedish ● Serbian ● Serbo-Croatian ● Slovak ● Slovene ● Spanish ● Czech ● Turkish ● Ukrainian ● Hungarian ● Belorussian – Others on request.

Upon request, the relevant specialized translators will be deployed again for the same customer to accommodate company-specific terminology and localization.

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