bk translation

Reliable translations from German into English and reverse are an art

Reliable translations from German into English and reverse are an art! BK Translation provides English translation from all languages into all languages considering best quality and respecting deadlines!  Every translator is specialized in only some fields to give and show her/his best. For BK Translation the most important is getting satisfied its clients with the idea to come back for a long-term business relationship. Our customers are our treasure to keep more than satisfied giving always a warm welcome to show the particularity and importance of each. Customer service is hence one of our outstanding qualities we have been offering for more than 20 years. Reliability and professionalism go together with respecting deadlines given by our customers. BK Translation accomplishes the compromise as stipulated in the contract understanding that we are one item of a chain that has to work without breaking the workflow. Usually our translation is destined to be published in annual reports, press releases, investigation studies, congresses and conferences, professional journals, e-learning materials, papers, market research and the like and we give you the specified linguistic support to reach your target and audience. We give always our best with our best and specific translators and that means to work in a supportable time frame or to admit when necessary more than one translator to finish in time the project when urgent. We know how to handle and to work under pressure when deadline is brief – you can count on our professionalism with warranted delivery as agreed.