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The translation agency Frankfurt Germany Barcelona Spain for your international success thanks to our global translators’ network since 1999. We are an experienced team of translators and conference interpreters with a broad expertise. translation service remote interpreting service Frankfurt


translation service remote interpreting service Frankfurt

translation service remote interpreting service Frankfurt

We offer our highly esteemed customers from companies and institutions:
– Quality
– Excellence
– Customized services
– Trust
– Long term cooperation
– Punctuality
– Accuracy
– Personalized service
– Professional competence

Legal and sworn translation: In addition to the translation of complex contracts and general terms and conditions, patent applications and patents as well as civil and criminal case documents and other court documents, we also offer translations in the commercial field thanks to our legal translators. We translate contracts, General terms, statutes …

Medical translation: medical and pharmaceutical, life science, quality-assured, subject-specific translations in the fields of medicine (anesthetics, surgery or internal medicine), dentistry (for the entire dental field), pharmacy and medical technology. Medical prescriptions and documents for patient’s treatment…

Technical translation: Technical Translators for Engineering Plastics Mechanical Engineering Alternative Renewable Energies Energy Industry & Power Generation. Multilingual company and product presentations, technical documentation or manuals. Translations in the fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, environmental technology, firing technology, information technology, automotive engineering, agriculture, agricultural machinery. Engineering, tool making, industrial electronics, telecommunications, renewable energies, firing technology,..

Financial and economical translation: (terminologically secure translations of documents in the areas of finance and commerce as well as governance, risk & compliance, Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance – GRC), shareholder reports, prospectus, annual accounts…). Providing translation of financial investments, banking and accounting, contracts and conditions as well as statutes for legal departments, terminologically experienced and stylistically confident.

Translations for tourism and travel industry: We accompany your customers with professional translations into a world of tourist seductions. The result of our translations for tourism agencies and hotels as well as spa temples is to experience holidays and relaxation with our senses. For tourism and hotels, websites and blog contents, Content Management. Providing translations of websites hotel chains, luxury resorts, exclusive campsites, tourist boards. Our clients like advertising and marketing agencies have relied on our creative and entertaining translations for years.

Cosmetics beauty industry translation: Cosmetics translation beauty wellness SPA treatments for cosmetics industry into all languages. We translate care products, analyses and treatments. Our highest specialized translators translate product description and application notes, benefits and side effects of care products, multifunction devices and racks. We translate operating instructions and manufacturer’s instructions

Translations for food & beverage industry cooking books: Translating recipes is our main course for publishers and publications, restaurants, chefs, cooking schools, hotels and presentations. With us your ingredients for your exquisite recipes are in the best hands for professional translation. We are specialized in creative translations for restaurants’ and hotels’ websites to give your content elegance, even in the languages of your choice.


translation service remote interpreting service Frankfurt

translation service remote interpreting service Frankfurt

Thanks to our demanding translation service we are able to give you the professional support you need. A way to give you a powerful and competent voice in business. translation service remote interpreting service Frankfurt

Discover as well our Spanish German English specialised translators around the globe to meet your target markets in Spain or Latin America for more business. Your translation and interpreting agency located in Frankfurt, Germany, and in Barcelona, Spain, which has been offering its clients an excellent translation and interpreting service according to ISO9001/08 standards since 1999. translation service remote interpreting service Frankfurt

Thanks to our permanent and sustainable quality control systems, we can cater to the most stringent quality demands of our clients. Our translation agency provides translation and conference interpreting services in almost all language combinations, doing so with superior quality. translation service remote interpreting service Frankfurt

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