Looking for German language lessons online Frankfurt

Let us introduce, we are a team of experienced German teachers and specialized in German lessons online via Zoom for companies and institutions as well as for private students for over 25 years. We give you the professional support when preparing for all official German exams like Telc, Goethe, Einbürgerungstest, Hochschulzugang or Fremdsprachenkorrespondent/in. Furthermore, we are linguists with intercultural competences. Our working languages are English, Spanish, Catalan, French, Italian, Chinese and more. Beside general German online lessons via Zoom, we offer German workshops for German students and learners focused specially on economists, architects, engineers, teachers and more. Looking for German language lessons online Frankfurt

Looking for German language lessons online Frankfurt

Looking for German language lessons online Frankfurt

We usually work during our German online lessons via Zoom with brand new didactical material online and virtual, as well as books for German studies. The books we usually work with are for example Passwort 1 to 4, Geschäftliche Begegnungen, Erkundungen, Entscheidungen and the Gelbe Grammatik in combination with exercise sheets in pdf, newspaper articles, songs and lyrics, youtube videos and more. Looking for German language lessons online Frankfurt

What makes us different?

  • Our German teachers are BK-certified to provide highstanding German lessons and intercultural softskills. We support our German teachers with specific training to be always updated in using ressources, applying softskills and business etiquette. Only a well equipped German teacher will be able to meet your expectations and training goals.
  • We audit every single step from the beginning up to the end. With us on your side you can be sure that we really offer only tailor-made German training and no mass production. Our service is focussed on you and we want to pamper you as our Client. What are your needs, where to you part from and where to you want to arrive and when? 
  • We act and work according the ISO9001 processing every step from the beginning to the end. Thus you and us will be able to trace back and forward regarding contents.

Are you the HR-responsible looking for online German teachers for your team? We would be delighted to discuss with you your company’s and team’s needs to design your German groups and lessons. 

We provide German lessons online in Frankfurt and worldwide for companies like banks, international financial organizations, automotive companies, manufactors, arquitects and engineers, IT-providers, Software companies, hotel chains and more. Online training in Covid-19 times are the best choice for everybody to continue your German training. Do not let the chance slip away! Online modality works even better as training ressources are online, can be shared with you on your pc and can be handled with more flexibility making our German lessons more efficient and interesting. Looking for German language lessons online Frankfurt


Looking for German language lessons online Frankfurt

Looking for German language lessons online Frankfurt

Furthermore, we have prepared some German monographic workshops focused on BUSINESS GERMAN

  • Communication at the airport and railway station in German
  • Accounting and finances in German
  • Audits in German
  • Communication via e-mail in German
  • German oral Communication, phonetics, and pronunciation
  • Communication by telephone and videoconference for German learners
  • Networking on the international stage for German learners
  • Understanding manuals and instructions for German learners
  • Improve your German oral understanding for German learners
  • How to organize your agenda for German learners
  • Customer service for reception teams in factory, tourism, and services for German learners
  • Presentations and charts for German learners
  • Meetings and negotiations for German learners
  • Technical processes for German learners
  • Business communication for German learners
  • Guided visits at your companies’ installations for German learners
  • How to become successful during a business interview for German learners
  • Customer service in the commercial and tourist context for German learners

During our online German lessons, you will improve your German pronunciation as well through entertaining exercises. Working your German pronunciation is important for all German levels. Thanks to our intercultural experience and competences as German teachers for over 25 years in an international context we have taught almost all nationalities. Therefore, we can identify and understand your weaknesses in German pronunciation quickly and improve in a professional way. Looking for German language lessons online Frankfurt

Looking for German language lessons online Frankfurt

Looking for German language lessons online Frankfurt

Our BK-teaching method for online German students via Zoom:

BK German lessons are constantly focused on your communication in German. We are always looking for similarities with other languages to show how much we have in common. So, you will see that learning and understanding German is not as difficult as it looks like at the beginning. It is very important for us that you can communicate in German with fun from the very first moment on.

Starting with our first online lesson you will be overwhelmed with the wonderful feeling of learning something new that you can immediately apply in your daily routine.

For this reason, BK’s motto is: Talk, don’t be afraid, make mistakes, learn, struggle, get up and get better! Get the key for German!

When learning a new language like German you will manage German oral and written communication tools in order to follow meetings, presentations, workshops, business lunches and dinners with a snap of a finger. We are convinced that word to word translation will not be necessary when studying German with us. A perfect opportunity for you to immerse yourself in studying German comfortably without borders. Looking for German language lessons online Frankfurt

What do you need for online German lessons with BK?

  • a stable and secure internet connection
  • our Zoom invitation
  • a headset and a microphone

One session takes 45 minutes.

Payment terms: Paypal or bank transfer in advance

Could we attract your interest in online German lessons via Zoom with us?

For further information as German schedule and rates please contact by e-mail:


Welcome in our German-Community! 

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