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Sustainability, Corporate Compliance and Diversity & Inclusion – Confidentiality

BK Translation Corporate Compliance Policy means an obligation as well as a protection for its employees and freelancers.

Corporate Compliance means a behavior corresponding to legality and norms.

Every employee and freelancers of BK Translation has to fulfill the legal and company’s internal norms when acting in BK Translation’s name or interests.

BK Translation guarantees fairness in competition with other translation agencies and training centers and no corruption to achieve a deal.

BK Translation guarantees sustainability to protect people and environment.

BK Translation guarantees occupational safety and health protection to its employees.

BK Translation guarantees fair and respectful working conditions corresponding to its employees and freelancers. No racial, sexual or other kind of discrimination is allowed.

BK Translation guarantees to separate between the company’s, employee’s and private interests in order to avoid conflicts of interests. That means personnel decisions made in favor of or against an employee or freelancer may not be influenced by private interests or relationship. BK Translation uses a standard objective procedure to hire high qualified team players as employers or freelancers to guarantee highest quality, sustainable prices, reliability, and a job done in time and to fulfill its client’s expectation.

Private relationship and interests may not be the decision maker to contract a freelancer or a provider neither to dissolve a contract between both parties.

Only efficiency, quality and qualification may be the fundament to build up a business relationship.

BK Translation guarantees to take care for a cooperative relationship with local authorities.

Diversity & Inclusion is established in all BK Translation’s business sections, both in the translation and interpreters area and in the training area.

BK Translation offers its employers training on the job according to necessities in each case or incentivizes external training to its freelancers to maintain and to ensure competences.

BK Translation is always looking for employees and freelancers with fresh ideas and new market and client orientated abilities as well as with special enthusiasm and talent to translate it into practice considering BK Translation’s global activity.


BK Translation’s policy is always orientated towards efficiency, maintenance and growth of the company to ensure the good running of BK Translation in the immediate and further future and to provide stability and to inspire confidence to its clients, employees and freelancers.


BK Translation guarantees extreme and absolute confidentiality of its client’s data and documentation as well of insider information provided by him.

BK Translation has available a standard form to give signature and stamp if it is requested by the Client.

BK Translation is obliged to sign and stamp the client’s confidential paper if it is requested before the job-order is given.