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The Frankfurt team of interpreters offers simultaneous interpreters for symposia, specialist congresses, board meetings; European works council meetings, medical delegations and training courses in all world languages. Conference interpreters Frankfurt

Interpreters‘ team Frankfurt and best interpreting preparation practice thanks to documentation and material before translation service. BK Translation working with Interpreting Checklist according to ISO 9001/08 standards. Conference interpreters Frankfurt

Intérpretes simultáneos de alemán en España para conferencias congreso
Conference interpreters Frankfurt
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Interpreters Frankfurt

How many simultaneous interpreters are in a booth?

Simultaneous interpreting requires maximum concentration. For this reason, simultaneous interpreters or conference interpreters take turns every 20 to 30 minutes. From a professional point of view, depending on the topic and the speed of speech, a maximum of 40 minutes can still be spent alone, but a residual risk must be taken into account. When using the Ping Pong system for long periods of time, from one language to another, at least two simultaneous interpreters are required to ensure reliable playback. For longer events and for more difficult topics and presentations, we even recommend a team of three for simultaneous interpreting. Conference interpreters Frankfurt

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Conference interpreters Frankfurt
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Why three simultaneous interpreters and not two?

Our recommendation of the interpreters to be used at a conference or congress always depends on the length of the event or the degree of difficulty involved: For half-day events or events with longer breaks, it is essential to use two simultaneous interpreters in order to guarantee successful interpretation between two languages. Three simultaneous interpreters may be required for all-day conferences.

The highest quality of translation from the source language into the desired target language can only be achieved if the appropriate interpreters ensure that the translation is carried out correctly. Conference interpreters Frankfurt


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Conference interpreters Frankfurt
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Why do the consultant interpreters and interpreters need as much information and preparatory material as possible?

From the very beginning, we only recommend interpreters who specialise in the topic of the event. In the case of veterinary medicine or other medical fields, we only use conference interpreters specialized in this field with the desired languages. In addition, each event is treated as a unique project. This requires the precise content of your event so that the interpreters can familiarise themselves with the subject matter and terminology of your event. This preparatory phase, which lasts several days, is part of the work of our interpreters. This also includes the schedule with exact lecture times, breaks and names of the conference participants. When interpreting, the interpreter must have the exact names of the participants and lecturers in front of him/her, because names are unique just like every human being per se. We undertake to sign confidentiality clauses with our team in order to express our loyalty to our client and his knowledge. Conference interpreters Frankfurt

Conference interpreters Frankfurt
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At what time do the consultant interpreters and interpreters need the preparatory materials? Interpreters Frankfurt

We are secretive and therefore initial information is already in the best hands with us. For a tailor-made offer we need the exact course of events already in your inquiry. The actual documents for preparation should be received at least 14 days before the start of the event. These documents include PowerPoint presentations, lectures, links to web pages and content, speakers’ names and titles and more. Events where the format is repeated even have material with added value that translators benefit from during the preparation phase. Professional conference interpreters appear in the interpreting booth with their own PC, WLAN connection or a Wi-Fi connection provided by the organizer, and can then incorporate data and information from USB sticks, which will be released shortly before the start of the event. Conference interpreters Frankfurt

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What else does the interpreter need?

Don’t forget that speaking and interpreting makes you thirsty! It is therefore always a nice gesture to provide the interpreters with water in the interpreting booth.

During the breaks between events, the interpreters usually take a break from their work and are happy to switch off for a short time in order to be able to concentrate again. Of course, we can also provide interpreting during breaks, if agreed in advance. Our team of two or three would then coordinate among themselves, who would take over this part.

Just get in touch with us and ask possibilities and options to choose from. We will be delighted to assess you on our services and viability.

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