BK Translation’ Deadlines and punctuality

BK Translation’ Deadlines and punctuality

 The client sets the delivery terms. Our work and responsibility lie in observing these terms.

BK Translation does its utmost to satisfy its clients’ desires.

We always see ourselves as advisors to our clients, and offer realistic delivery deadlines which are not at odds with first-class quality.

BK Translation is a group of major professionals who, thanks to their longstanding experience and collaboration, are in a position to deal with a great volume of work in the least possible time. However, in this regard, BK Translation reserves a certain margin for negotiation in terms of organisation and preparation.

Time is money. However, an economic investment by our clients in our know-how can provide the latter, thanks to organisation calculated with precision, with a true benefit.

We translate from/ into the following languages

German  Belarusian  Bosnian  Bulgarian  Castilian  Catalan  Czech  Korean  Croatian  Chinese  Danish  Slovak Slovenian  Arabian  Estonian  Basque  Finnish  French  Hungarian  English  Italian  Icelandic  Japanese  Latvian Lithuanian  Macedonian  Dutch  Moldavian  Norwegian  Polish  Portuguese  Romanian  Russian  Swedish  Turkish Serbian  Ukrainian  Serbian-Croatian and others

For more information and quotation please contact us as followed:

Ms Birgit Klyssek

Mobile Germany: 00 49 (0) 176 88 223 449
Mobile Spain: 00 34 609 038 623
E-Mail: info@bktranslation.de or bktraducciones@bktraducciones.com