BK Translation’ Personnel management and professional skills

BK Translation’ Personnel management and professional skills

The BK Translation team provides specialised translations and interpreting in numerous fields and for the widest variety of business sectors. Our skills are defined by our translators and interpreters, who are used to working and researching specific topics and branches to determine contexts and suitable terminology. Best quality can only be guaranteed by means of specialisation in specific topics and areas. Due to the high demands derived from this, and which our clients rightly impose on us, it is of paramount importance that a translator or interpreter specialise in a few areas. The translators acquire new knowledge of this area and can thus render oral and written texts with confidence in the topic in question on a computer, in a booth or at a negotiation table.

BK-Translation’s sense of responsibility is demonstrated by means of the search for translators and interpreters for our team, and we are fully aware of this responsibility.

Therefore, as a company we recruit our own personnel. We are very demanding with our translators and interpreters in order be stand out professionally.

We translate from/ into the following languages

German  Belarusian  Bosnian  Bulgarian  Castilian  Catalan  Czech  Korean  Croatian  Chinese  Danish  Slovak Slovenian  Arabian  Estonian  Basque  Finnish  French  Hungarian  English  Italian  Icelandic  Japanese  Latvian Lithuanian  Macedonian  Dutch  Moldavian  Norwegian  Polish  Portuguese  Romanian  Russian  Swedish  Turkish Serbian  Ukrainian  Serbian-Croatian and others

For more information and quotation please contact us as followed:

Ms Birgit Klyssek

Mobile Germany: 00 49 (0) 176 88 223 449
Mobile Spain: 00 34 609 038 623
E-Mail: info@bktranslation.de or bktraducciones@bktraducciones.com